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Thanks to this remarkable open source duo, I am ready to declare victory on spam.
Jon Udell, May 2003, in his weblog,

Results, for me, were immediate and spectacular. SpamBayes nailed a number of spams that SpamAssassin let through
Jon Udell again, in a two page InfoWorld article

And efficient it is. After a just bit of training, the SpamBayes Outlook Addin detects junk mail reliably.
Review by Heinz Tschabitscher at email.about.com

Probably the best plug-in for Outlook out there.
Review by arstechnica.com

If you're an Outlook user, free SpamBayes does a more effective job than a number of filtering programs you have to pay for
Review at soundingline.com

It's been extraordinarily effective...it catches 99% of my spam
Larry Fresinski of Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management in two recent Computerworld issues

SpamBayes is currently the best solution to the spam problem. In fact, after I started using it I hardly notice there is a spam problem at all
Kristian Eide in a review comparing POPFile and Spambayes

Now you know a simple way to regain absolute control of your Inbox
Corey Nachreiner in "Keep Spam at Bay with SpamBayes", a WatchGuard LiveSecurity column

I have to say I'm very happy with its performance...The documentation on the SpamBayes site is very good...It is very much worth the time to train and use SpamBayes.
Chris DiBona in a TechTV article.

Words can't fully describe the elation I feel when I boot up my computer in the morning, launch Outlook and watch 75 or so e-mails download, only to see two-thirds of them immediately and automatically leave my inbox and enter the spam folder!
Brian Dipert in an article in EDN Magazine.

Outlook 2003 accurately blocked roughly 85 percent of an average day's spam, while 2002 topped out at about 65 percent, an increase of 20 percent more junk e-mail filtered. That said, free open-source filters like SpamBayes can block about 98 percent of spam.
Michelle Delio praising the improvements in Outlook's built-in spam filtering in a Wired News article.

I have found the Outlook plug-in to be very easy to install and use. It has not caused any problems with Outlook and has been amazingly effective at getting spam out of my Inbox.
Chris Tayor in an Ottawa PC Users' Group, Inc. Product Review.

The program is easy to use and setup and probably one of the most accurate filtering tools we have come across...
SnapFiles review.

If you use Outlook, drop everything and get SpamBayes.
Scott Spanbauer with sage advice in a PCWorld article.

Spamotomy users have a bit to say, too!

SpamBayes [...] is definitely in a league of its own
Personal Computer World gives SpamBayes their Editor's Choice award.

What we are saying about us

OK, maybe quotes from the SpamBayes developers aren't quite as objective, but they are amusing!

The performance on my real-life email is nothing short of amazing! ...I didn't realize it before, but this stuff is cool <wink>
Tim Peters as he tries a very early Outlook addin on his personal mail

So, anyone who runs windows and Outlook feel like taking this on?
Innocent words from Anthony Baxter goading Mark Hammond into building an Outlook addin

I followed up too :) I have a working Outlook Addin in place.
Mark Hammond uttering words he is likely to regret for years to come